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New Scooter Designs Provide Flexibility #1
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11 Temmuz 2011 , 12:22
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New Scooters are showing up almost daily, something that speaks of the ever going popularity of the scooter in general. The functionality of the appearing designs highlight the ease at which new technologies such as thermoplastics and high tech aluminum alloys can be adapted to structures not originally considered candidates for their use.

The fast advancements in hi tech polymers and metal alloys has given the humble scooter new life in an ever broadening market today. Not only are these materiasl being used in high end powered scooters, but in the modest push scooter or kick scooter as they are also known.

These small inexpensive scooters tend to be thought of more as a sidewalk toy for young children. But more and more a new style of what is known as a foldable scooter is being utilized by an older generation as they traverse from mass transit portals to office buildings and other places of work or leisure.

Foldable scooters cross several design lines and encompass almost ever design level of the scooter market. Starting with the foldable kick scooter which might not be small enough to fit into a brief case, but it is small enough to be folded and placed under the desk once you get to work. Next would be the foldable electric scooter. Some what more bulky, and weighing in at about 50lbs and able to carry 200 pounds with a range of between 10 and 15 miles or 20 to 25km per charge cycle, its no wonder they have become so popular with dual mode commuters.

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