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23 Ekim 2012 , 18:53
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Siteniz içerisine yerleştirdiğiniz bazı linklerin kendi isteğinize göre , durum çubuğuyla veya kaydırma çubuğuyla açılmamasını sağlamanız için hazırlanmış örnek bir kod topluluğu.

<h3>Controlling a Web Page's Ability to Resize...</h3>

<p>There are times when you want to prevent your user from resizing a web page, and thus you want to a**** including a scroll bar or other resizing elements on the page. As an example, if you create a Widget using HTML, you might want to a**** using a scroll bar. This prevention can be done by simply including the value of <font color="darkgreen">toolbar="No"</font> when calling the <font color="darkgreen">windows.open</font> routine for creating a new window. The following line of code creates a link that opens up the JavaScripts.com site without a scroll bar:</p>

<pre><a href="#" onClick='window.open("http://www.javascripts.com", 
"myNewWindow", toolbar="No");'>JavaScripts.com</a> (without a scrollbar)</pre>

<p>Granted, this is not necessarily the best use of removing the scroll bars. A more interesting use is with a Widget such as the following small calculator page (limited functionality to show a point):

<p><a href="#" onClick='window.open("myCalc.html","mySampleCalc", toolbar="No");'>Calculator </a> (without a scrollbar)</p>
<p><a href="myCalc.html");'>Calculator </a> (with a scrollbar)</p>

<p>The code within the Calculator program is uneventful. What is worth noting is tha the way the information is presented in the two calls. If you viewed the source to this page, you'd see the two links were defined as follows: </p>

<p><a href="#" onClick='window.open("myCalc.html","mySampleCalc", toolbar="No");'>Calculator </a> (without a scrollbar)<br />
<tt><a href="#" onClick='window.open("myCalc.html","mySampleCalc", <br />
      toolbar="No");'>Calculator </a> (without a scrollbar)</tt></p>

<p><a href="myCalc.html");'>Calculator </a> (with a scrollbar)<br/>
<tt><a href="myCalc.html");'>Calculator </a> (with a scrollbar)</tt></p>


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